Imagine you just had your best month in business with plenty of new leads. But this month, you’re on track to do about half of that, and you didn’t change anything. Odds are, a broken lead form is at least part of the problem. If you aren’t getting as many leads as normal, you should evaluate […]

Did you know that 74% of companies use lead form tools to generate sales? Almost half say that online forms are their largest converting lead generator. Conversion rates sit at 21.5% for successful form submissions. And multi-step interactive forms can see up to 300% more conversions than flat static options. Creating the right online form plays an essential […]

You’ve already created a great product or service. But you haven’t seen the spike in lead generation that you were hoping for. This is a very common issue among businesses and it can end up costing thousands of dollars in potential revenue. But how can you increase your leads and consistently generate clients and revenue? Lead generation […]

When companies excel at lead nurturing, they generate up to 50 percent more sales leads than those that do not. They also generate these leads at 33 percent less per lead. Before you can level up your lead nurturing process and start experiencing these benefits, you first need to have a good lead generation strategy in place. […]

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