About Us

FormTestr is an innovative solution for testing and improving faulty and flawed submission forms. Stop losing leads on simple mistakes with our automated lead form testing solutions built for today’s top businesses.

Let’s set the scene: after hours of internet browsing, you find a product or service you’re excited about. However, when you go to fill out the submission form, it’s full of bugs and troubleshooting. Frustrated, you lose your motivation to inquire or buy and start searching for alternatives.

Ask yourself a question: are my lead forms working 24/7/365? 

If the answer is anything but a confident yes, it’s time for an adjustment. How many leads has your business lost to the above scenario? How many potential clients came close to purchasing but were deterred by a difficult to use faulty submission form?

For some businesses, even just one lost lead can equate to thousands of dollars. In early 2020, we grew tired of tech troubles coming in between hardworking companies and their potential profits. Thus, FormTestr was born. Today, we are trusted by successful businesses worldwide.

The Team 

The FormTestr team is composed of world-class marketers, engineers, and salespeople. We know our solution is the best because we’re business people too.

When the team set out to create FormTestr, we kept in mind that the best solutions are the simplest ones. We could have offered you a complicated and expensive form testing service, but we figured you’d appreciate an affordable, automated solution more.

Our program is customizable and expandable. If you love our form testing service, you can also use our technology to monitor critical web pages to make sure they continue to serve your business at their highest capability.

Our Mission 

Your business website is your 21st-century storefront. You have mere seconds to convince a lead that you are worthy of their interest and money. Even if your website is engaging and intuitive, a broken submission form can destroy your credibility in a matter of minutes.

The majority of businesses today are dependent on their website’s ability to generate leads and grow revenue. Yet, so many teams work hard on driving traffic to pages that may be broken for specific browsers or users. Even if the page loads, a form might be challenging to complete. These challenges can add up to thousands of dollars in lost revenue per day.

Our mission at FormTestr is to make sure you maximize your internet presence. Our customizable solutions and affordable pricing is suitable for all budgets and all businesses, big and small.

Your Results 

Test your submission forms across a breadth of browsers weekly or monthly. We have helped countless businesses improve their overall return on investment and make up for thousands of dollars of lost leads. At FormTestr, we believe that your success is our success. That’s why we are continuously improving our service to provide you the best results imaginable.

If you want to get started, simply create an account, choose your preferred program, and say goodbye to broken submission forms and lost leads. We can’t wait to help your business thrive.

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