What Is Lead Generation? The marketing funnel is the entire series of interactions between a business and a potential customer that is supposed to culminate in a sale. At the very start, there is lead generation. Simply put, a lead is a potential customer. As such, lead generation is the process of getting potential customers […]

Are you wondering how to get more customers for your business? For many companies, getting customers to their website and then prompting them to make a purchase is the ultimate goal. If you’re like most business owners, though, you may be missing a key factor in your strategy that will help increase your revenue: target […]

You’ve already created a great product or service. But you haven’t seen the spike in lead generation that you were hoping for. This is a very common issue among businesses and it can end up costing thousands of dollars in potential revenue. But how can you increase your leads and consistently generate clients and revenue? Lead generation […]

Welcome to FormTestr! We are so excited to have you here and help you capture leads by ensuring your forms are never broken. If you’re wondering what exactly FormTestr is, don’t worry!  It’s simple. FormTestr provides lead form testing from real humans to eliminate submission errors, boost leads, and increase revenue. Basically, we help businesses […]

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