How to Get Started With FormTestr

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Welcome to FormTestr! We are so excited to have you here and help you capture leads by ensuring your forms are never broken. If you’re wondering what exactly FormTestr is, don’t worry! 

It’s simple. FormTestr provides lead form testing from real humans to eliminate submission errors, boost leads, and increase revenue. Basically, we help businesses by testing the forms on their websites to make sure they are working as intended and capturing the right information. Still a little unsure? Let’s back up …

Imagine you are trying to unlock a discount code from your favorite retailer by filling out a contact form on their website. Now, imagine that the form just won’t work. It keeps giving you error messages and won’t submit. Frustrating, huh? 

It’s probably safe to assume that after a few tries, you’ll give up and move on to something else or even your second favorite online shop. Now, imagine that you’re that initial retailer and you have no clue that your form isn’t working properly. Can you even guess how many leads and revenue are being lost?

That’s where we come in; to make sure you never lose leads or revenue by always testing to ensure your forms work how they’re supposed to. Got it? Good. Now let’s dive into how to get started so you won’t ever lose another lead to a broken form again.

1. Create your account

Now that you understand the importance of automatically testing forms on your website with FormTestr, it’s time to create an account. Let’s get started:

  1. First things first, navigate to our sign up page
  2. Fill out your contact information and make sure to choose a strong password!
  3. Click “Create Account”

If your email address and password are good-to-go, you will get a pop-up letting you know that your registration is complete, along with a confirmation email!

2. Choose a plan

After creating your account, it’s time to sign up for a plan that fits exactly what your business needs. 

formtestr pricing plans

Don’t know how to determine which plan is right for you? We can help!

Our $19 / month Monthly Form Test is perfect if:

  • You’re a startup or small business
  • You don’t expect a lot of form submissions right away
  • You need your forms tested on a regular basis to ensure they’re working

Our $49 / month Weekly Form Test is perfect if:

  • You’re a fast-growing company
  • You receive a high volume of form submissions regularly
  • You need more frequent lead form testing on a weekly basis

Now that you’ve determined which plan is right for you, it’s time to think about necessary add-ons, like page-speed monitoring and uptime monitoring. Let’s go a little deeper into what these mean. Page speed refers to how fast the content on your webpage loads. Why is this important? Because the longer it takes for your page to load, the more frustrated and impatient a user is going to get – causing them to likely click off of your page before it finishes loading, which negatively affects your bounce rate and ranking on search engines. You want users to stay on your webpage, right? If so, you need to make sure it’s loading quickly. Here’s how FormTestr can help:

  • Get page speed insights to make your website faster
  • Identify pages or parts of your website that load slow
  • Find specific images or files that are download bottlenecks
  • Ensure Google and other search engines can crawl pages quickly

Uptime monitoring, on the other hand, tests that your website is available. Meaning, it tests to make sure that your website is up and running correctly. Have you ever visited a website to only find out that it’s down and not working? 

Have you refreshed throughout the day or even days after to find that it’s still down? Can you imagine being the owner of that website and having no clue? Talk about customers and revenue lost. With FormTestr uptime monitoring, we alert you 24/7 for website availability issues. We also make sure:

  • Your website loads 24/7/365 for any and all customers in your target market
  • You are alerted instantly the second your website goes down via email or SMS
  • You receive monthly reporting to correct ongoing issues before they get worse

3. Set up your tests

Congratulations! By now, you should have created an account and chosen the plan that best fits your businesses’ needs. What’s next? It’s time to set up your first test!

When it comes to setting up your initial test, it’s important to think about what the form is for and how it’s being used. That way, you’re able to come up with a clear name that you will remember and one that clearly outlines what the form is. After choosing a name, you’ll need to input the form URL and click “Update.” It’s that easy!

If for some reason a form ever fails, you will immediately get an email from our team so you can look into what’s wrong and get it fixed ASAP.

It’s that simple

If you’re a business that depends on leads to generate revenue, you undoubtedly need a form or two on your website to capture user information. Make sure you never lose a lead or potential revenue to a competitor again by testing your forms with FormTestr. Questions? Please don’t hesitate to reach out to and a member of our team will be happy to help.

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